A Vibrant Grocery Market & Gathering Space

“Charles Street Market aims to curate local businesses with an artisanal sensibility to give the people of Central Baltimore access to the freshest, most nutritious, locally grown food the region has to offer, at an affordable price, and a gathering place to enjoy it.”

Market Concept Render

Good food and healthy entertainment have a natural way of bringing people together; and when people come together, community happens. Building on the movement towards fresh local food and on successful market concepts such as Hester Street Fair and NYC Union Square Market, Charles Street Market brings a permanent indoor/outdoor market concept:

  • A solution to the Charles North “Food Desert” problem, giving residents new options for an exciting assortment of fresh, affordable, grocery options.
  • A business incubator to launch participating small businesspeople and local artists into ownership of their own retail spaces and the next level of their careers.
  • An energetic local hub and gathering space for performances, displays of art and film, educational workshops, and community events, that will attract foodies, music lovers, artists, and area residents of every kind.
  • A place where local chefs can source fresh local ingredients in bulk for their restaurants, and for community members to source the same ingredients for their families.
  • A free space for community events and programs to take root – from clothing collection to composting stations, to public art, film displays, and musical and theatrical performances.
  • A place for market tours and workshops focusing on sustainability, nutrition, and horticulture, other interesting topics offered by urban farming advocates.
  • A place to ensure that all community members can benefit from healthy, locally sourced food by accepting SNAP/FSP.